Acoustic Art

A combination of an acoustic wallpanel integrated in a painting

Solid wallnut frame

Size: 80x100cm

Inspired? I love to tell you all about this unique way of making art & functionality come together

World connectors

& bridge builders

serie of 6 duo framed


This is a serie of 6 duo framed pieces of PhotoArt. 

At first they seem randomly chosen but then you see that they do interact with each other.

Solid wallnut frame

Size: 45x35cm a piece

Inspired?  It would be my pleasure to tell you more about them. 


on brushed aluminum

The angel of Trier

A combination of a picture and one of my paintings

Brushed aluminum

Size: 50x75cm

Inspired? I would like to show you all the finishes in which my PhotoArt can be made

Customized meeting table

A custom painted round meeting table top of a design agency

Wooden base with canvas top and mixed art types

Ø 150cm

Inspired? What would your customized table look like? Or chair or cabinet or....

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